Empowering Women Through Healing and Inner Transformation

Welcome to Holistic Women’s Counselling

We have chosen our name carefully “Holistic” because we believe in providing counselling services that treats you as an individual that you are Your Whole Being- mind, body and spirit. And from our initial consultation to creating simple to follow action plans, your life can change, not just for the better, but for the greatness that you deserve.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sunita Pamamull (Qualified Transpersonal Counsellor with experience in helping women Empower themselves). I believe what sets me apart from other counsellors is not the qualification that’s written on paper, but rather my own life experiences dealing with challenges just like each and every one of us face in these modern times.

As women, we are innately loving and nurturing beings, but because of our true nature we tend to give and give all our energy for those whom we love, and yet, this can result in ourselves being overwhelmed and depleted in energy of empowerment. But not anymore, because we can, together, you and I identify challenges which may be preventing you from experiencing the life of happiness that you deserve.


Sunita’s client centred, empathic and caring approach allows women to feel comfortable and safe while exploring their core issues and allowing deep inner transformation to take place.

We offer variety of Professional Counselling, Coaching and Training services for women throughout the Melbourne region. To learn more about how we may contribute towards your journey simply browse through our website.

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