Transpersonal Counsellor Image of Sunita Pamamull
Sunita Pamamull is the founder of Holistic Women’s Counselling, an expertly trained Transpersonal Counsellor with a medical background working as a Pharmacist for 15 years. Sunita’s passion is to guide, support and help women heal themselves using a holistic approach allowing them to reconnect to their true authentic being.

As a woman, you may experience major life transitions in today’s world such as relationship breakdowns, career pressures, ante and postnatal depression, parenting difficulties and general lifestyle imbalance. Without being emotionally supported through these challenging times, you may find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, and in some cases suffering depression or a even a major life crisis.

7 years ago, I was constantly overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. I had created a life that society had taught me was the norm – Married, Owning my business and Being a new mum. I experienced a major crisis that made me question my life’s purpose. The relationship and business I had created were not aligned with my true authentic values, which began an inner conflict that finally lead to a “Spiritual Crisis”. In modern terms this could have been seen as “Postnatal Depression”, however knowing and seeing the long term effects and dependency that medications can have, I decided to take another path and thus began my journey into self healing through alternative and holistic therapies. This was a transformational period and at times very confronting and challenging. Although I am still learning and growing everyday, I have created a life that is truly in line with my purpose and values.

Through my own personal journey and many difficult challenges, I understand how important it is to be emotionally supported through these difficult periods so YOU can gain control of your life and live an enriching life true to your authentic purpose.

Sunita’s client centred, empathic and caring approach allows women to feel comfortable and safe while exploring their core issues and allowing deep inner transformation to take place.
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