Selfish Self Indulgence or Pure Self Love and Self Compassion

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Hello Beautiful Tribe! This is my very first blog post that I have finally brought myself to publish, so feeling a tad bit vulnerable.
However I am in Ubud, Bali at the moment taking some time out for myself and feel so inspired to write this.
There is something about this place that just makes my creative juices flow!!

Which brings me to a topic that I am so passionate about- Self love and Self Nurture.

As a Mum, I often feel torn between: “What I should do VS What I feel I need to do”.
As I am sitting here at the luscious surroundings of Tungjung Mas Bungalows after a restorative Yoga class feeling wonderful, there is a part of me and an inner voice saying “Am I being too selfish and self indulgent?”

Leaving my seven year old son in Melbourne with his dad, while I am here for a week to recharge, I am met with my own inner self critic and feel like I may be judged by other mums (which I realise is only my own reflection).
I hear voices like, “How does she get so much time out?”, “Doesn’t she feel bad leaving her son behind?”

Why? I guess it’s because my past conditioning has taught me:

If I am a mum, I should put myself last“,

Its not okay to indulge in self pleasure without guilt

Also seeing my own mum always self sacrifice and put her needs last to everyone else around her.

However I have learnt from much inner work over the past few years and hard lessons that if I don’t take take this time out to recharge, I will eventually burn out, be resentful and basically of no use to my loved ones.

So yes I hear my inner critic, but I also know in my authentic higher self that nurturing myself first is serving a bigger purpose. I am also teaching my son by example it is not only okay but sometimes absolutely essential to put yourself first and love yourself. When you connect to that authenticity within yourself you allow others to do the same.

So Ladies, I am not suggesting to pack your bags and book the next flight for an island holiday (Unless of course you really feel called to!). But next time your body, mind or soul is aching for that day off, weekend away or even a quiet cup of coffee at your favourite cafe, allow it to be heard, give yourself that gift of self nurture to just purely connect to yourself. The inner critic will be there and guilt will come up but this eventually quietens down and you will notice that it will start to do wonders to you and those around you.

Much Love
Sunita xxx


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